Our Mission

The 21 Trust creates education institutions and programmes designed to help children succeed in the 21st century.


We are re-imaging the entire learning journey

...because we believe that the whole education system is interconnected: from school entry, to graduation from higher education. The entry-requirements set by universities have a powerful effect on what is taught in schools, even in early-years. Transitions at 11, 16 and 18 have to be handled thoughtfully. So we are creating an alternative journey that could work as a whole.


We create institutions

...because we believe that educational theories and initiatives cannot be viewed in isolation, they must always fit into the complex organisations which schools, colleges and universities are. And these institutions must be places of constant learning and evolution. So we are building institutions to be able to understand what is possible in reality and show that it works.


We share with everyone and we learn from everywhere

We need to look beyond the world of education to move forward. Successful organisations spend huge amounts of time and money trying to understand how learning happens amongst their staff and how to improve it. To create truly world-class educational experiences we need to embrace this new information together with everything history tells us about what works.